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Greg and Jimmy

Jimmy (left) and Greg

About Greg & Jimmy

Jimmy is a Graduate of Aviation High School in Queens and Greg received his diploma from Brooklyn's Automotive High School. After graduation they went to work harnessing horsepower on their personal race car in the competitive world of NHRA and NYC street racing.

From there, Jimmy and Greg moved up to professional racing in the National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock. Onboard the pit crew, their team placed 9th in the country in a sophisticated fast field.

Now masters of maximum performance, they have taken their talent of making cars go fast and applied it to making motorcycles go even faster.

In 1990, Greg and Jimmy opened the doors on their College Point, Queens motorcycle shop. Seeing that the demand was needed, they moved to a bigger shop at their current location in Astoria, Queens. The aptly named "Rapid Performance" quickly becoming a one stop shop for everything from a slight clutch adjustment to a rebuild with a whole lot of torque. Weekend bikers and professionals alike turn to Rapid Performance for help getting on the road and staying there.

Today, Rapid Performance is more than the name of the best bike shop in Queens. Rapid Performance is their end goal and the reason that so many bike owners count on Jimmy and Greg.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill getting some beauty rest

Jill Photo 4

Greg and Jill

RIP to our shop cat Jill
September 2015

Jack and Jill Photo
Jack and Jill Photo
Jack and Jill Photo